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Data Analytics (Business Intelligence)

Tools for Business Management & Visual Data Analysis

  • Perform sales analysis.
  • Track sales declines.
  • Track performances.
  • Rank Customers,Sales Reps.,Products,Vendors, etc.
  • Make, maintain and update sales forecasts, etc.

These days, businesses collect vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. In order to make the best business decisions, maximize overall performance, and optimizing competitiveness, businesses need to analyze this data in real time. Data Analytics, a variety of different business intelligence (BI) and application-related concepts/tools, are particularly useful when trying to derive meaning from this "Big Data".

Make "Big Data" Work For You Instead of Against You!

  • For the first time: a data management tool that handles all of your structured and unstructured content!
  • All of your data, documents and other files are stored in a safe, secure, centralized repository regardless of the Volume, Velocity, Variety or Variability – and and always maintaining Veracity!

My little BigData

A Content Management System For The Consumer and SMB Market

My little Big Data is the first of its kind; a unique server for individuals, homes and small businesses. My little Big Data is a Server, it is a PC, it is a storage device, it is an integrated smart Search Engine all-in-one. Offered on Intel platforms, it is the smallest form factor of any full-fledged computer systems sold today. It already contains some great multi-functions, and it promises the future of home and small business centers with many more features to come. But above all, it helps us manage our digital clutter, become organized and stay on top of things while being entertained. It helps us to become smarter by being able to log, collect and control information at our fingertips.

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Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Supercomputer–based Data Analysis by the Hour

Run your Analytics SUPER-FAST On a Supercomputer

You have the data, but not the means to analyze it. You know there's valuable information locked inside your mountain of data points, but you lack the hardware, software or staff to unlock it. Well now you can, with DBaaS from Scientel. No need to buy any hardware or software, or hire any IT personnel.

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Enterprise Content Management & Search (ECMS™)

A Data Management Tool for All Your Structured and Unstructured Content

ECMS is an easy to operate content management system available under Gensonix® which gives you the power to take control and manage all of your content.

Simply drag-n-drop text, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access DB, image files, analytical files, compressed files, e-mail files, ISO files, wave files, reports, video clips, and all other types of content into the Gensonix ECMS content manager.

Perform long, extended searches or fuzzy searches and find all related documents. Quickly search for any text embedded within any of your textual documents. Delete any or all of your content from your PC — get rid of all of your clutter!

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DBIS® Intranet

An Interactive Wholesale Distribution System Designed to Run on Your In–house Inntranet

Scientel's Distribution Business Information System (DBIS®) is an extremely efficient and fast system, designed to meet and exceed the requirements of distributors today and tomorrow. DBIS utilizes a single UNIX server to provide database management services along with a WindowsT server to carry out XML and SQL services. What is unique about DBIS is the intranet graphical user environment, in which DBIS supports users in true windowing mode. In the intranet mode, users access the applications, much like on the Internet, with graphical capabilities and imaging capabilities.

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DBIS e–Com

An E–Commerce System Catalog Shopping Mall

DBIS e-Com offers users the ability to conduct sales transactions over the Internet with the aid of a secured server for the protection of critical business and personal data.

The DBIS-ecom module uses DBIS Intranet (or a compatible database system) for fullfillment and backoffice support functions.

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Our Platform


NoSQL DBMS that handles BIG DATA loads

Scientel's Gensonix® DBMS and LDWA systems are highly-scalable solutions for processing "Big Data". Gensonix stores structured and unstructured data in multiple schemas including Network, Hierarchical, Relational, Column and Content formats. It's ideal for business, scientific or medical environments, as well as raw data analysis applications and more.

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The LDWA Series

Scalable Data Warehouse Servers Optimized to Run Gensonix

We are generating data faster than ever, so fast that many modern servers can't manage the flood of data. Most organizations still need to derive insights from their data, but many can't cope with "Big Data" despite owning large–scale systems. The solution lies in Scaling Servers™. These ultra–powerful systems can capture and store vast amounts of data in real time, and process it quickly and efficiently for visualization on smaller platforms.

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